VISSLA made from Coconuts!

Posted: May 18,2017 Written by  The Surfers View


It's all about the right length, the right fit, the right feel. Color, cut, brand, all very important. A good pair of boardshorts is a valuable thing to have. As is an incredibly eye catching video for them, like the one we have here directed and edited by Alex Vivian with cinematography by Josh Flavell.

How is someone supposed to know what trunks to buy, there are a lot of brands out there today. I say buy whatever it is that catches your eye, and these new boardies from Visssla made from upcycled material caught ours. We are seeing more and more brands using environmentally friendly materials to make their products with. The garment industry is coming up with some cool stuff to make clothes out of. Vissla is able to make trunks out of coconuts, and that's a great thing. But you'll be more into it if you watch the above video.