Surf Tattoos! The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Surf Tattoos! The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Surf Tattoos are all the rage. 

Lost compressor Dedicated brand ambassador or a warning not to follow him? – Photo: Pinterest

Surfing can have a profound effect on some people, you could say it leaves a mark on your life, a bit like a tattoo, so why not combine the two! That’s precisely what these forward-thinking people have decided to do, stamp their skin with an indelible dedication to whatever it is they think surfing means to them. Or maybe they were just shitfaced. From a melting block of Sex Wax to a whacked-out dolphin chugging on a bong, break out the popcorn and dip your toes into the weird and wonderful world of surf tattoos!

No.1 – Sometimes a life-changing injury can be a blessing in disguise, especially if you want a ultra-realistic dolphin head tattoo on your shoulder, even more so when you use a protruding bone to fashion its snout.Bonenose Dolphin compressorThe Rare Bonenose Dolphin – Photo: Pinterest

No.2 – No stranger to ink, this fella encircled his knee-cap with the jaws of a shark, which is the obvious focus of this photo, not the sketchy faded surf art rat above…

Shark Knee Surf Rat compressorShark-Knee-Surf-Rat – Photo: Tumblr

No.3 – Surf brand tattoos, or any brand tattoos, have to be the worst, especially when you get them on your forehead…

Monster Selfie compressorMonster Selfie! – Photo: Pinterest

No.4 – Who doesn’t like Cali right? Who thought the best way to show their appreciation for the Golden State would be a border outline and a pier? This guy, that’s who.

California Piering compressorCalifornia Piering – Photo: Pinterest

No.5 – Like all of the tattoos in this fine collection, we don’t know the who, where, or why, we just take ‘em as we see ‘em. What a story it would be if this guy actually had his arm chomped off by a shark, and then got a shark’s face inked on the stump in memorial!

Shark Attack Stump compressorShark Attack Stump! – Photo: Pinterest

No.6 – Dolphins surf right? Surfers puff herb right? So this is definitely a surf tattoo, through and through…

Flipper Gets High compressorFlipper Gets High – Photo: Imgur

No.7 – Waxing up your surfboard, yes, waxing up your foot, that’s just demented. To top it all off, why not ink the Rip Curl logo one of your toes, and because that’s not obvious enough spell out S-U-R-F on your other four toes. Genius.

Everlasting Wax compressorEverlasting Wax – Photo: Twitter

No.8 – Nothing wrong with bodyboarding, spongers take on some of the gnarliest waves out there, but what’s this guy gonna do if he eventually learns to stand up?

Bodyboard For Life compressorBodyboard For Life! – Photo:

No.9 – While this statement might ring true for many, this chap decided to cover half of his body in a Billabong advertising campaign slogan. Someone at Billabong give this man a job! Or maybe don’t…

Is Life Really Better in Board Shorts compressorIs Life Really Better in Board Shorts? – Photo: Twitter

No.10 – Winning formula for a truly memorable tattoo? Combine two things that everyone loves to see, in this case a hand gesture to spread the aloha spirit and plump pair of hooters!

Shaka with a Rack compressorShaka with a Rack! – Photo: