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Surfing Photo Feature: One Meaty Thanksgiving

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Surfers all along the Mid-Atlantic region gave much thanks this Thanksgiving, as a significant sized SE medium period swell/SSE windswell mix from Winter Storm Boreas lit up the coastline! Those who were lucky enough to be virtually anywhere along the Jersey Shore scored big time! Wednesday started off large and unruly, with monstrous, life-threatening waves churning in an unpredictable manner, mainly due by the stiff S/SSW winds that have been wreaking havoc on the ocean overnight. By the time noon approached, these winds shifted to a favorable WNW, turning the conditions ON! If you timed the paddle out right, you found yourself floating over super-hollow, mountainous waves in which packed a punch! It’s tough to say whether surfers got more barrels, or took more wipeouts on Wednesday. Regardless, it was a day for the ages! The conditions improved significantly as the tide filled in before dark, creating more makeable waves than earlier in the day!

The wave size dropped off a bit for Thanksgiving Day, but offered much better form! Surfers from all over snuck out early before dinner, battling freezing conditions and brutal wind chills that were in the teens, just to embark on the epic conditions this swell had to offer! After hearing about the conditions and seeing insane pictures on social media from Wednesday, everyone busted out their winter gear and wanted a piece of this swell! Solid head high + waves and stiff offshore winds made for an epic time all day long! We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend and were able to make it out in the water for this amazing swell! Enjoy the photo feature!