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The Sexiest Women in Surfing! Part 1

Is surfing sexy? It is when these gorgeous girls do it. Waste away a few minutes of your day to cast your eyes on these surfing beauties, just try not to get too upset if they shred harder than you. So, in no particular order, here are just some of the sexiest women in surfing!

Malia Manuel


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Hawaiian beauty with solid surfing credentials, Malia Manuel is surely destined for a world title. She’s the youngest surfer ever to win the U.S. Open of Surfing, when she was just 14-years-old!



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Anastasia Ashley



Next up we have the gorgeous Anastasia Ashley from San Clemente, 2010 Pipeline Women’s Pro champion and new star of Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel!

Anastasia Ashley in Hawaii

Sage Erickson




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California girl Sage Erickson qualified for the World Tour when she was just 21-years-old, and as you can see all that surfing is keeping her very fit indeed…



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The Coffey Sisters



Australia’s answer to the Kardashians, the Coffey sisters are regularly posting photos of their derrières on Instagram. If surfing doesn’t make them famous, then they’re ready to fall back on their fine asses.

Ellie-Jean Coffey

Older sister Ellie-Jean has given the WQS a pop and snapped up a few sponsors along the way, but the place on the World Tour isn’t quite within her reach yet. Still, the modeling career looks promising!

Holly-Daze Coffey



Used to be Holly-Sue, now she’s Holly-Daze, still a blond sun-kissed babe from down under. She was sponsored by Billabong when she was a grom, but now she’s getting lots of attention from bikini companies instead…


Madeline Grace Peterson



The pretty girl-next-door from New Jersey, Maddie Peterson has been surfing since she was six and she’s damn good at it too. Now traveling all over the world while having a stab at the WQS, hats off to her!


Tia Blanco




Puerto Rican shredder and gold medal winner at the 2015 and 2016 ISA World Surfing Championships, Tia Blanco is also a vegan, a yogi, and very attractive…

Reef Welcomes Tia Blanco

Laura Crane




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Hailing from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, it’s the lovely Laura Crane! She’s hot and she surfs, which are both far-from-common traits across the pond, so show your appreciation please!



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Not enough for you? Check back in soon for Part 2!