Top 5 Cold Water Surfing Essentials - Winter 2021

Posted: Nov 01,2020 Written by  @TheSurfingExpert

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Winter surfing is either the best or the worst season based on which surfer you ask. With fewer crowds and powerful swells, what’s not to like about winter surfing? Well, the main drawback is the cold. It can be brutal based on the area you live in and cold water doesn’t spare anyone who comes unprepared. Here are 5 essential pieces of gear you’re going to need to score this winter!



1 Hyperflex

This might be obvious but owning a warm and reliable wetsuit is absolutely crucial in the winter. The new neoprene-free Greenprene from Hyperflex is available in 3/2 and 4/3 mm based on how cold the water gets where you live. If you live in the North East from New Jersey and above, you’ll want to go with the warmest options: a 5/4 mm or a 6/5/4 hooded Cryo. 




2 Wetsox

The worst part about wearing a wetsuit and booties is often when you have to put them on and take them off. The WORN Frictionless Wetsox are a simple solution to this problem. The socks work as a layer between your skin and the rubber, making it a breeze to put on your gear. They also add a bit of extra warmth!




3 Wetty Booties

The most important factor when choosing a pair of surf boots is comfort. The French brand Wetty specializes in making the most comfortable surf booties around and their “sock-like” boots are hands down the closest it gets to the barefoot feel of the board we all come to miss in the winter. Oh and these surf boots also happen to look good too! 




4 Gloves

This is the last layer of winter gear you need (or want), but there is no way to avoid wearing them when the water drops below 50°F. There are three options to choose from: regular 5 finger gloves (warm), 3-finger lobster claw like the new Hyperflex Cryo gloves (warmer), or mittens (warmest)




5 Surf Ears


Long exposure to cold water in your ears may cause your ear bones to grow and lead to a lot of pain. This is known as Exostosis or Surfer’s Ear. The best way to protect your ears and avoid missing time out of the water is to wear the SurfEars 3.0 earplugs every time you’re surfing!



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