Watch One of The Most Advanced Surfboard Shaping Machines There Is!

Watch One of The Most Advanced Surfboard Shaping Machines There Is!

My name is Joe, aka @TheSurfingExpert, and I source the top surfing products as well as explore the latest trends in the industry. I just got back from a trip to South Jersey where I visited the Kona Surf Co board house to check out the innovative surfboard making machine they recently invested in: the APS3000. 

I had the opportunity to witness it in action and was blown away by its efficiency! It takes roughly 20 minutes to cut a blank into the desired board design. Just incredible. 

Created in Australia, this machine is a game changer for surfers and shapers alike. Its two main benefits are that the computer controlled dimensions offer a better precision in the shape, and allows for a faster cut. This gives the shaper more time to perfect its designs and to go test ride the boards. This technology has already been proven over the years by the few distinguished shapers who got their hands on it. No doubt Kona Surf Co will put their own APS3000 machine to great use to offer the ultimate custom surfboard experience to its customers.

Watch the video below to learn more about it and about my day with Kona Surf Co. 

Huge thanks to the Kona Surf Co. crew for having me in their shop, showing me their operations, and even catching a few waves with me!