The Brazilian rookie beat Felipe Toledo and Julian Wilson on his way to victory!
Their performance at Keramas sent them straight to the top of the WSL rankings!
Only the finest surf cinema to feast your eyes on!
To make the most of the months ahead in and out of the water, here is what you will need from head to toe!
Check out how much fun you can have on a soft top surfboard!
The Brazilian jumps to No.2 in the rankings but Wilson keeps the Yellow Jersey!
If you weren’t lucky enough to attend the Boardroom Show last weekend, here are the 10 coolest things that caught @TheSurfingExpert's attention...
Yes, it’s a wave pool, but it’s a brand spanking new one!
Team Captain Jordy Smith leads his crew to victory at the Surf Ranch!
Thomas Larney drops a fresh edit of New Jersey surf clips!
A rare glimpse of surfing’s ugly side!
New documentary chronicles Andy’s surfing prowess and battle with bipolar
Get pumped on the way to the beach and keep up to date on what’s happening in the surf community!
World’s best surfers and their fans sent home after men in grey suits join the lineup!
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