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6'0" Rawson Impala (Monmouth County, NJ)

Posted On: June 13, 2014 By: backsideFloater

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  • Listing Number: 10
  • Category: Surfboards
  • Price:$275
  • Condition: used

Location & Seller Info

  • Seller: backsideFloater
  • Date Listed: June 13, 2014
  • City: Monmouth County, NJ
  • Location: New Jersey
  • Contact Phone:
  • Contact Email: [email protected]
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About This Item

Condition: Approx 2.5 yrs/old. In good shape with some pressure dings on the deck and hull, and of course heel dents. Bright white and water tight. Works well in waist up to head high surf - anything bigger and it gets squirrelly.
Pick up in Monmouth County, NJ or in Midtown Manhattan on most weekdays.

Dims: 6'0" x 20 1/4" x 2 9/16"
Glass: Clear sanded, standard 4oz
Fins: FCS Fusion thruster set-up made for 2 + 1 configuration. FCS MR Twins with FCS R2 trailer or Mayhem branded FCS GBMs (pic below) * add $10 for both sets

Shapers Description: The Rawson 2+1 Impala starts off with a modernized version of his faithful’77 “Buttons” Kaluhiokalni/Mark Liddell single fin model, which is wider up front with noticeable volume underneath the chest area. This enhances the volume vs. the short length of the board and makes paddling into waves or gliding over flat spots perceptively easier, After that, it is all 2011 design additions!!! Rails, bottom contour, concaves and fin design all take the confidence of this shape and throw in a heavy dose of performance. The Impala is ridden as twin with a small trailer, and has been a Rawson best-seller short board for 2+ years.