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  • 6'0 Stretch Magnet

    6'0 Stretch Magnet

    Listed On: November 20, 8:21 am
    Great Board, lots of fun. Still has plenty of life left! Future Quad Setup- Comes with fins. Good condition- Nose buckled but professionally repaired, doesn't effect board in any way. 6'0 x 19 x...
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  • 6'3 JS Combat

    6'3 JS Combat

    Listed On: November 20, 8:18 am
    Good Condition- Nose buckled but professionally repaired. Doesn't effect performance of board in any way. Great board for the price. 6'3 x 18.75 x 2.5
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  • 5'10 Lost Mini Driver

    5'10 Lost Mini Driver

    Listed On: November 20, 8:14 am
    Amazing Board..... Great Condition but for some pressure dents, board is dry with no major dings. 5'10 x 19.5 x 2.38 5 fin FCS set up (have a few different 5 fin setups for sale also) Mini...
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  • 5'10 Rusty Piranha

    5'10 Rusty Piranha

    Listed On: November 18, 4:26 pm
    Selling a 5'10 (5'10x19.65x2.25) Rusty Piranha ( hand shaped by the famous Rusty Preisendorfer. Boards shaped by Rusty himself are of the best quality...
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  • Key FOB Disabler

    Key FOB Disabler

    Listed On: November 12, 10:43 am
    Key fob is manufactured from a special composite alloy that blocks the electronic signal for keyless vehicles. The key fob has been designed to house any style ignition key or remote. This is a...
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  • 7'3

    7'3" Mini Malibu Bic Surfboard

    Listed On: November 3, 11:18 am
    Selling my 7'3" Mini Malibu Bic funboard (comes with fins and leash) It comes with a Balin Travel Bag I bought just a month ago $200 for everything! Obo
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  •  6'0

    6'0" Pomp Sqsh CANVAS surfboard

    Listed On: November 3, 11:09 am
    Selling a 6'0" Pomp Sqsh CANVAS surfboard (with fins and leash) comes with travel bag FCS Explorer + extra brand new pad $350 for everything obo
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  • 6'2

    6'2" Cannibal Corevac

    Listed On: October 24, 10:17 am
    This board has zero dings. It is epoxy corevac construction which means it is shaped inside a vacuum bag for super light and super tough construction. This is not a pop out. Hand shaped hand...
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  • 6'9 Webber Afterburner Tufflite NEW 6'9 x 19.75 x 2.63

    6'9 Webber Afterburner Tufflite NEW 6'9 x 19.75 x 2.63

    Listed On: October 21, 12:23 pm
    Picked up a webber afterburner tufflite and it's a bit smaller than I'd like at 6'9 x 19.75 x 2.63 and 37(ish) liters. Has a Dakine Parko traction pad. Bought 2 weeks ago and was never ridden but...
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  • Al Merrick DFR 5'9

    Al Merrick DFR 5'9

    Listed On: October 7, 10:07 pm
    Very good condition Channell ISlands Al Merrick DFR Dane Reynolds model surfboard . Size 5'9 stock dimensions. Asking $300 , must sell urgent.
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  • 6'0  Coto Nug

    6'0 Coto Nug

    Listed On: October 4, 12:04 pm
    This is my "Coto Nug" model named after the owner of the first custom. I've made a handful of these and everyone has been stoked on it. P/U, poly construction with a 5 fin FCS Fusion setup...
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  • 6'4


    Listed On: September 28, 1:26 pm
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  • XCEL 5/4 Drylock Wetsuit

    XCEL 5/4 Drylock Wetsuit

    Listed On: September 17, 7:30 am
    Xcel 5/4 Drylock wetsuit used about 8 times for one season. Wetsuit is in great condition. Best winter suit on the market.
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  • Daytona Surf Shop FOR SALE

    Daytona Surf Shop FOR SALE

    Listed On: September 9, 10:21 am
    Surf Shop Daytona Beach Shores With 3840 square feet of total floor space, you will find plenty of room to accommodate your activities. 3 Story design (~1280 sf per floor). If you have...
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  • 8'6

    8'6" Hobie Peter Pan Slug Longboard Surfboard

    Listed On: August 26, 1:16 am
    I am selling a 8'6" Hobie Peter Pan Slug Surftech Mid Long Board. The Slug is East coast legend Peter Pan's model. This board was created for attacking the small conditions on the East coast. It...
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  •  Robert August WIR 9'6

    Robert August WIR 9'6" Longboard Surfboard

    Listed On: August 26, 1:12 am
    I am selling a RA "What I Ride" 9'6" Longboard. It is a traditional glass board. Not Surf-tech Epoxy. It is in great shape. A couple of small pressure dings. It comes with a leash as well. Serious...
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  • Al merrick Neck beard

    Al merrick Neck beard

    Listed On: August 23, 12:07 pm
    great condition with boardbag and future fins.
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  • FCS 3D Red-Tip Center Fin

    FCS 3D Red-Tip Center Fin

    Listed On: August 1, 9:29 am
    As FCS puts it, "Unique wing tip designed to add stability in turbulent water." A friend who worked at a shop gave this to me about 10 years ago. I used it briefly, it's weird. I might even consider...
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  • 2.5 mil Hyper Flex Spring Suit Cyclone Series Size: ML

    2.5 mil Hyper Flex Spring Suit Cyclone Series Size: ML

    Listed On: July 31, 8:45 pm
    Hyper Flex Cyclone 2.5 mil Spring wetsuit for sale. Have been worn less than 10 times. No holes or rips whatsoever, I've simply outgrown the wetsuit. Perfect for someone in the 5'8-5'10 range...
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  • 4'3 mm Billabong Stealth Wetsuit Size: MT

    4'3 mm Billabong Stealth Wetsuit Size: MT

    Listed On: July 31, 8:06 pm
    Billabong Stealth 4.3 mil hoodless wetsuit for sale Size MT. Has been worn for about 2 brutal winters. One tiny hole near armpit that can easily be fixed if wetsuit glue applied. Other than that, I...
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