The Best from New Jersey’s Biggest Winter Wave 2018/19!

Posted: May 23,2019 Written by  TSV

1 timmy torchia winnerThis year’s winner, Mike Gleason, charging an NJ bomb - Photo: Timmy Torchia

After a late season swell and one-month extension, we have a winner for New Jersey’s Biggest Winter Wave contest! Mike Gleason takes the trophy for the biggest wave surfed in NJ this year, and Timmy Torchia was the photog who captured the moment, on April 3rd 2019.

With so many great shots being sent in over the contest period, particularly at the end, we thought we’d pick out a few of the best runner-up entries to show you here too...

2 billy scott nj biggest waveBilly Scott on an absolute kegger! - Photo: Matt Ciancaglini

3 Hoffman Photo 4 3 19 Rob KellyHere’s Rob Kelly setting up to get shacked - Photo: Sean Hoffman

4 Tim Torchia Tyler Thompson NJ 1501Tyler Thompson was an early leader when he scored this wave on December 22nd 2018 - Photo: Timmy Torchia

So that’s it for this year, but we’ll be back with another New Jersey’s Biggest Winter Wave contest when summer is over. For now, enjoy the sunshine and make the most of the waves when you get them!