The Future of Foamies by Paragon Surfboards

Posted: May 23,2018 Written by  @TheSurfingExpert

Paragon Surfboards just released a new range of soft top surfboards!

To celebrate the launch of their new line-up of foamies, the Paragon Surfboards crew released this clip showing how much fun you can have on a soft top surfboard without impacting the performance.

Their new line combines the features of high-performance surfing with the benefits of soft top surfboards:

Performance - these foamies feature Future fin boxes, a hand-shaped epoxy foam core with refined rails and bottom contours, a high-density wood stringer, and an epoxy resin Hexcel fiberglass cloth for performance.

Soft top benefits - they are affordable and durable, super fun to surf, and they don’t even require wax. 


The Paragon Surfboards foamies are available in three sizes: 5’6” Mini-Simmons, 7’6” Mini Log and 9’0” Noserider.

 BUY NOW - Starts at $300