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Surfing Punta Roca, El Salvador


Our trip to El Salvador was amazing!  The plane ride went off without a hitch.  We were greeted immediately at the gate, by the AST tour guide.  From there the three of us (my brother,  Joe Guagliardo (the photographer) and I traveled through the streets of La Libertad to our hotel.

As soon as we arrived, we dropped our bags and looked out off the balcony.  There was La Paz right out front of our place, with Punta Roca the point just above it.  We instantly got our board shorts on; wax’d the boards and headed for the surf. The first day or so the swell was minimal, but fun on a long board. However, within a few days the waves steadily grew up to around 6-8feet.  The ocean was an inviting, 84 degrees with a clean aqua-blue color.   There was a light breeze along that kicked in halfway throughout the day, almost every day, which gave us some time to relax a bit.

Surfing Punta Roca, El Salvador

Not only was the surfing amazing, the food was all-time.   Breakfast always consisted of some kind of delicious fresh fruit drink, with eggs, refried beans, sweet plantains, and sweet cheeses. Lunch and dinner offered outrageous pupusas (corn tortilla stuffed with seafood or meat), tacos (shrimp, lobster etc.), ceviche…anything you can imagine, for a real good price!

The town itself was very relaxed, with many markets. The people seemed very curious when we approached town, but kept to themselves.  It was obvious that were not from around there, but locals showed us great respect. It’s certainly nothing like…(more on next page)Tijuana, where crowds of people constantly harrass you to buy things, and try to rip you off every chance they get.

We surfed 3-4 times a day, the entire time we were there. Besides paddling out where we stayed, we would jump in our SUV everyday to search for new beaches. We would cruise up and down this long mountain roadside, with the boards on the roof, checking out different coves for waves. Every new spot we found was practically empty, with perfect surf. Spots like K59 , Sanzul, the river mouth.. All super fun! The best part was, no matter where we went, we had a friend/guide that knew where to bring us. He always knew everyone in the lineup and we basically were VIP status when we rolled up to spots with them. The AST guides grew up surfing Punta Roca their whole lives and everyone that is a local there knows who they are and respects them greatly.

One of the most gorgeous places I have ever been to in my life. Definitely check this place out if you ever get the opportunity!

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