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Surfboard of the Week: The DWART from Rusty


Shayne McIntyre on a Surfari in West Africa.

The DWART from Rusty is one of the many high volume, “fish meets standard shortboard as like best inflatable sup“, hybrid shapes out there billing itself as a ‘one board quiver’. Usually these types of surfboards all feel pretty similar… This is not the case with the DWART.
I have personally owned two DWARTs, and it’s actually one of my all time favorite surfboards. However, that doesn’t mean it’s without a few flaws.
rusty dwart
Photo from transsurf.co.uk depicting the DWART’s slight rocker and forward wide point.

For one thing, even though the DWART has a 5 fin configuration, I have never liked the way it feels as a thruster. Loggy and stiff- almost like a longboard, and not very fun in my opinion. (However, someone stepping down from an actual longboard might appreciate that rigid type of feeling.)
The quad setup is completely different. By taking out that center fin and freeing up the tail, the DWART suddenly transforms into one of the smoothest, fastest down the line surfboards around. (The difference in changing fins with this board is so extreme that I think it’s worth noting.) The thruster and quad setups on the DWART really feel like two completely different surfboards.

Close up of a DWART tail.

Additionally, it’s got a very slight rocker overall, which gives it a ton of planing efficiency. This means two things: 1. it paddles very well, and 2. it shoots down the line creating its own speed. 

As for other significant design elements, it’s got a Double Winged And Rounded Tail (its namesake.) This really adds a lot of performance functionality to a board that’s otherwise built for straight up, down the line speed. The surface area of the tail is minimized without interrupting the rail outline, which allows you to drop into bigger waves and throw smooth backfooted turns.

shane mcintyre rusty dwart 
Another shot of Shayne McIntyre on the DWART. 


All in all, the DWART, at its best, is as versatile, fun, and as fast as any surfboard you’re likely to ever see in the water. It can reel through barreling overhead waves and it can grovel the crappiest mush… But it’s not for everybody.

It’s got two potential dealbreakers worth considering:

1. As a shape, it favors rougher surfers; people who power through their turns rather than finesse. So, if you’re a gentle or precise maneuverer– this might not be the best shape for you.

2. It’s very, very easy to over fin this board- and without a dialed setup, it basically goes like a turd.

These concerns aside, it’s seriously a great shape.
Check it out, the DWART from Rusty