Posted: Dec 06,2013 Written by  TSV
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Manasquan Beach Camera and Surf Report
Our company features FREE beach cameras in New Jersey, New York and beyond.

After thorough investment over the years, both time and money, we soon got a feel for how intense the heavy costs can be to maintain our equipment and keep the cameras running 24/7.  We have put a significant amount of research towards this website and the technology so that we stay current on how to best deliver these live streams.

How to Help!

With the winter season upon us, following a devastating summer of high expenses to replace most of our camera network along the Jersey Shore, (Post Hurricane Sandy Damage) we haven't had a chance to upgrade any of our equipment.. (7 cameras had to be replaced)

Our Manasquan Inlet Camera is a first-generation beach cam that we have put together back in 2009. Since then, this unique location has attracted over 1 million page views and is wildly popular for surfers, fisherman and other beach enthusiasts.

You can check out the Manasquan Beach Cam here:

Our company seeks the funding of $2200 to take this cam to the latest technology. Full 1080p! The new HD beach camera model that we put together is a night and day difference of quality and performance in comparison to our other 480 TVL Standard Def Camera.

Here is a live example of our HD Camera Technology

IF WE MEET OUR GOAL: We hope that after just a few generous donations, from a small amount of people, we can quickly raise the funds to upgrade the Manasquan camera to something EVERYONE will enjoy! ...And continue to enjoy on a daily basis!

IF WE EXCEED OUR GOAL:  All extra funding will go towards upgrading another camera of your choice. We'll take a Poll on which one everybody would like to see get upgraded next!  We’ll dedicate our efforts to keeping each of you who donate funds informed on progress that has been made to upgrade the next camera, as well as notification when it’s live.

IF WE DO NOT MEET OUR GOAL: In the case that we do not meet our camera goal, we'll set any funding that we receive aside into a savings account and will guarantee that the next time we have the extra budget for ANY location to get upgraded, we'll put it towards a new Manasquan HD beach camera.

Other ways that you can help!

Help us spread the word and please tell your friends / share this project throughout social media platforms integrated within Indiegogo.

We thank you for supporting us over the years and appreciate all donations!