Winter Storm Stella Lights Up New Jersey!

Posted: Mar 17,2017

winter storm stella new jersey

Stella serving it up...

10ft. Barrels. In New Jersey?! That was the claim Ben Gravy heard while driving to the beach, and you know what, that ain’t far from the truth either. On March 14th winter storm Stella served up big waves and icy barrels for surfers across the East Coast who rubbered up and braved the bitter cold. Despite the sub-zero temperatures there were still guys out capturing the action happening in the ocean, so here are some of the best amateur clips that have surfaced from this monster swell!



Follow Ben Gravy on his March 14th vlog as he chases waves around New Jersey on the best day of the year!


Lucky Charms - Winter Storm Stella OBX

On the Outer Banks the waves were pumping too and Mikey Sabadic was there to film it all.


Stelllaaaaa Swell on the OBX with Simon Hetrick

Beach break barrels, offshore winds, and Simon Hetrick getting his fill.


Winter Storm Stella Swell - Hatteras Surfing

Here’s another clip of the surf around Buxton, with the offshore winds rattling the mic!


"Cold Water" Winter Storm Stella Surf in NH

Now over to New Hampshire, where Chad Carlberg was looking after his daughter for the day, so had to take his camera to the beach instead of his board…


Novelty Waves with Winter Storm Stella

The guys from Whalebone Magazine scored some smaller surf, at what seems to be one of those secret sheltered spots that hardly ever gets any waves, ever.


STELLA March 15-2017

Stellaaaaa! The Seacoast sees insane surf, and Ralph was there to capture it.



Surfer hits the beach during snowstorm

And in other news, over at Long Beach it’s snow, surf, and one guy out…