Videos » California Mega Swell Hits for the Holidays!

California Mega Swell Hits for the Holidays!

From down in San Diego all the way up to San Francisco, surf spots were firing all over California. It’s no overstatement to say that the waves were some of the biggest ever, serving up a few days of epic surf right over the Christmas and New Year holiday break. We’ve handpicked a bunch of the best videos to drop so far, and no doubt there’s going to be more.

Massive LA Surf at Lunada Bay

Lunada Bay Palos Verdes | Biggest LA Surf since last Winter

Let’s start at LA’s Lunada Bay, where big wave boards were definitely the weapon of choice. John Kay shot the best rides of the day and some heavy wipeouts too!

XXL Swell Rincon Waves

Biggest Rincon Swell Ever? | XXL Swell Rincon Waves | Raw Surfing

Rincon was absolutely going off, and the Slow Waves channel posted a video that shows just how big it got. One commenter said it was the biggest he had seen in 55 years!

Historic Day of Surfing in San Diego

Historic Day of Surfing in San Diego – December 29, 2023

Now over to San Diego, where Jimmy Wilson was on the beach capturing the action. All of the footage in this video was shot on December 29th.

Huge Waves at La Jolla Cove


At La Jolla the drones were overhead shooting the mackinaw surf filling in the cove. This edit by MAde By BLAE was shot on December 30th.

Swamis First Big Swell of El Niño Winter 2023/2024

Swamis – Thursday, December 28th – First Big Swell of El Niño Winter 2023/2024

Taylor Knox and Joel Tudor were in the packed line up at Swamis on December 28th, where there were some huge closeouts to dodge if you wanted to snag one of the good ones!

10 Waves From One of The Biggest Days Ever at Mavericks

10 waves from one of the biggest days ever at Mavericks - 12-28-23 - Drone Footage

Up at Mavericks the big wave chargers were out in force, and in this video from Tucker Wooding Media we have 10 of the best waves of the day on December 28th.

Huge Santa Barbara Surf at Sandspit

Huge Sandspit Surf Santa Barbara, California - Dec 28th, 2023

To wrap up we head to Santa Barbara. Hayden Garfield was shooting on December 28th, with Sandspit pumping out some sick waves and crazy backwash double ups!