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Hávamál – A Chris Burkard Surf Film

Hávamál | Billabong Adventure Division

Watch Ryan Callinan, Jack Freestone, Luana Silva, Anna Gudauskas, and Chris Burkard on their latest adventure to the Arctic Circle. Created in collaboration with Wasted Talent, Hávamál captures the crew as they explore the rugged Scandinavian peninsula and delve deep into Norway’s picturesque countryside of mountains, fjords, and glaciers. See them ride frigid yet perfect waves in a land where surfing is still a relatively new phenomenon.

Upon arriving in Unstad, the birthplace of Norwegian surfing in the Lofoten Islands, the surfers were greeted by raw, pumping conditions. The region was once critical for the Nordic Vikings and now remains a remote fishing zone with only 15 full-time inhabitants. Led by veteran filmmaker Chris Burkard, along with Norwegian surf pioneers Tommi and Marion, the crew had all the knowledge and expertise needed for a successful trip.

Video credit: Billabong