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LBI, The Island

Its not South Jersey and its not North Jersey its more known as The Island with a tight nit crew of underground surfers, There are so many surfers that this area has produced. an area that is shadowed by the south and north, an undecided coast..names like Steve Jones, Gary Jones, Bill Willem, Justin Citta, Ben Mcbrien, Brendan Willem, Randy Townsend, Danny Mears, Mike Roth, Pete Machokes, Ryan Kelly, Greg Luker, Pat Emery, Royce Weber, Tim Raimo, Ben Raimo Dane Nugent, Kyle Calandra, Brian Bowker, Logan Mckenzie, Sean Dodds, Chris Kretzer, Nick Rossi, Josh Law, Dave Werner and many more… this is a glimpse of a future project I have in mind for showing What LBI is all about and the underground talent that The Island has produced.