Videos » O’Neill Strike Missions – ¡Que Chiva!

O’Neill Strike Missions – ¡Que Chiva!

Strike Missions: ¡Que Chiva! | Episode 5 | O'Neill

Sometimes, an alternative route is necessary. Due to travel challenges, the original plan for an off-the-grid strike mission had to be re-evaluated. The assembled crew of Torrey Meister, Noah Waggy, and fresh-faced Team O’Neill rider Shion Crawford relied on the experience of Cory Lopez to set a new plan.

They decided on an area filled with punchy beach breaks and a few hidden reefs. And the crew found themselves scoring a variety of high-performance waves in a not-so-remote tropical location. It’s these types of trips that remind you to appreciate the people, cultures, and experiences that thrive in and out of the water. Plans change, and with an open mind, they can work to your advantage.

Video credit: O’Neill