Videos » Thunderbird – A Surf Film by Colin Moran

Thunderbird – A Surf Film by Colin Moran

The Best Independent Surf Film You'll Watch This Week | 'Thunderbird' By Colin Moran

If you’re a fan of independent surf films, here’s a cracker for ya. The man behind Thunderbird is none other than Colin Moran aka Goose from Costa Mesa, CA, a surfer and now a filmmaker too. Soon you’ll find out he’s pretty damn good at it.

And he brought along a whole bunch of pals to surf in his indie epic. There’s Balaram Stack and Ford Archbold, Chippa Wilson and Andrew Doheny, Alex Knost and Danny Fuller, not to mention Christian and Greyson Fletcher. Wait, Makua Rothman is in it too.

At little more than a quarter of an hour long there’s only the choicest cuts made the final edit, and when it came to editing Moran has a big hand from Michael Cukr. All in all Moran worked on Thunderbird for almost 4 years, and it brings together sessions from surf trips all over the world and right at home in California.