Posted: Apr 17,2015

Before looking into specific errors, we recommend you try the following simple steps, which may instantly fix your issue:

- Reload the web page. If this doesn't resolve your issue, move on to step 2.

- Clear your browser's cache, then reload the web page. Didn't work? Proceed to step 3.

- If an Ad Block program is running, either disable or 'whitelist' to view the cameras.

- If you are using an older browser upgrade to the latest broswer. Internet Explorer was phased out by Microsoft. We recomend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for best performance! 

Video stutters frequently: It looks like the bitrate of our video content is too high for your internet connection / your device's processor doesn't perform well with the high resolution of the camera. Time to upgrade! 

For any quesitons or to report an outage don't hesitate to let us know! info( at )