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Old Surf Wax? Get Creative!

Have you ever scraped a half pound of salty wax off of your favorite shred stick and thought to yourself, What should I do with this?
Do you throw it out? Leave it outside to melt on your porch? Give it to your dog to play with?

Why not Recycle It!

How To: Reuse Surf Wax

Recycling surf wax has to be one of coolest ways to make your own surf wax bar. There are many techniques to discover through helpful videos on youtube. Here’s a pretty thorough clip with some good steps to follow if you want to try it yourself! 

Scare People

surf wax art

Design something scary and leave it on your grandma’s front porch. 

Make Cool Art!

Let us know if you have any good ideas and feel free to share them here!

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