Tony Alva, Ziggy Marley, Willie Nelson and more to play at Redondo Beach, May 3rd to 5th 2019!
The mammoth surf park is part of a $2.4 billion development!
Or at least a wave named after him at a wave pool!
The Brazilian charger rode the largest wave ever surfed by a woman at Nazaré!
Yes, it’s a wave pool, but it’s a brand spanking new one!
A rare glimpse of surfing’s ugly side!
New documentary chronicles Andy’s surfing prowess and battle with bipolar
Vote for your favorite Wipeout of the Year!
Future Olympic surfers get stoked on artificial waves!
It’s a wave pool that can make 25 different types of wave, and they surf 10 of them!
Trunks made from recycled coconuts. Furthur details inside explained by beautiful women. 
Wavegarden announces the launch of its latest technology, the Wavegarden Cove...
Outerknown just became the Fiji Pro title sponsor for men and women. The World Surf League announced yesterday that OK signed on to become the main sponsor…
Chris Bertish has just set a new world record for his 24-hour solo, unsupported and unassisted, open ocean distance of 71.96 miles, on his specialized SUP craft,…
The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) kicked off its 50th anniversary ceremony at Surf Expo this past weekend by inducting its 2017 All-Star Team. Cory Lopez, a…
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